Bo Biafra: “the invisible paw of the International Wolverine Conspiracy has taken down Tressel”

The Columbus Dispatch broke the news this morning that Jim Tressel has resigned as head football coach at Ohio State University. A Sports Illustrated cover story details troubles with Tressel's leadership of the program, culminating in an NCAA investigation.

For balanced reporting from Columbus about the football program I always turn to Bo Biafra, front man for the Columbus based punk band the Dead Schembechlers. Biafra knows the story with the Wolverines; it's best to have a "holy rivalry" with Michigan, and thus every problem in Columbus with the program gets blamed on the "New Wolverine Order", the "International Wolverine Conspiracy", or the "Mainstream Michigan Media".

Entrapment of Tressel a fait accompli as soon as Dead Schembechlers drove out Rich 'The Weasel' Rodriguez. We promise massive retaliation.

With that I bring you their hit "Rodriguez Is A Weasel".

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