No email for the weekend

I've updated my email vacation message to inform my correspondents that I'm taking the weekend off from electronic mail. If you get some message to that effect, you know how to get ahold of me.

I envy those with enough status to completely exit electronic mail, but at the very least I expect that an occasional weekend could be email-free.

Some background:

Paul Jones has given up on email, in his #noemail project.

Peter Honeyman is behind on reading his email. Aren't we all?

Tumblr CEO David Karp notices that "if you're not responsive to e-mail, it trains people to leave you alone."

John Freeman rants against the tyranny of email, in book length form.

In 2010, Nathaniel Borenstein told CIO magazine that email was not dead

In 2003, E-mail is broken was a headline. Jacob Nielsen "stopped using e-mail and hired staff to do it for me." It was a bad year for spam, and Joi Ito pronounced email officially broken.

Don Knuth has been happy since he gave up email in 1990 after 15 years of use.



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