QR codes made from sugar cubes at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire

The NQRT project had its first sighting in the wild at the 2011 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire. Ryan Burns organized a group of passers by to our booth to assemble a pound of sugar cubes into a scannable QR code, and Jamie Lausch and I took over mid-way and explained what we had done and helped people make "cootie catchers" with the "Save the date" message for the October 2011 event.

IMG_66031Left to right: cootie catcher, not-quite-cubical sugar cubes, white glue, Ryan Burns, assembled code, Edward Vielmetti, the second pound of sugar cubes, thermos, a2geeks sticker. Not pictured: Jamie Lausch. Photo via Ryan Burns.

Here's the finished product, in a form that your decode should be able to decode.

The cootie catcher turned out to be one of the fun parts of this, and provided a challenge. I wasn't able to find any design help for "anamorphic cootie catcher", the image-warping challenge of making the code distorted enough so that when you photographed its corners on the cootie catcher that the perspective was right to see it properly.

Interested in more details? Follow the code, or follow @NQRT on Twitter where news will accumulate, or contact me if this sparks creative fun ideas.


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