Dial by name, using the Twitter name space?

I find myself wanting to call people once in a while, and I also find that I know people's twitter names pretty well.

What is disappointing is that none of the tools I have let me "dial by twitter name" in the sense that there's no command line prompt that has a "call" verb which takes the twitter username as an object.

% call @vielmetti

Actually, I'm at even a worse spot; I don't even have a "call" command to start from at the shell script prompt. However, Twitter is in a good spot to do this – it knows the cell phone number of a lot of its users.

Perhaps then this is too good of an idea – does following someone mean that you are expecting to get calls from them? Some measure of opt-in seems appropriate, lest that eggbot spammer direct dial you to sell you air duct cleaning.


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