Top of mind vs. top of page vs Top Of The Park

At what point did "top of mind" get replaced by "top of page" ? For people like me who spend a lot of time online, it's easy for social network systems like Twitter and Facebook to be a steady stream of distractions, especially when the usual clues for what is important get replaced simply by cues for what is new.

Some background for context.

The earliest use of the phrase "top of mind" that I can find in a modern context is Alin Gruber's Top of Mind Awareness and Share of Families (1969), a discussion in the Journal of Marketing Research on how closely the snap judgments that consumers make about brand recogition map to market share.

"Top of page" shows up in the news and design business as "above the fold"; see this Boxes and Arrows design article, Blasting the Myth of the Fold (2007).

Facebook's Top News page comes from their Edgerank algorithm, the details of which change as quickly as and are kept as proprietary as Google's Pagerank algorithm. EdgeRank: The Secret Sauce That Makes Facebook’s News Feed Tick (Techcrunch, 2010) gives a simplified explanation of it.

"Top of the park" is the music and movies part of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, held on Ingalls Mall. It used to be hosted at the top of the parking structure next to the Power Center, hence the name.

Thanks to Rod Johnson ("Top of Park").


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