Walking Around: bonus points

I walked a lot more today than I normally would have walked, thanks to my new game Walking Around. Here's some of the bonus points I scored that I wouldn't have scored in my previous quest, Sitting Around Typing.

Pedestrian Path (+1). It's always good to find a way to get from here to there that's not on any map. The pedestrian path I found connects Needham Road to Amelia Place. I've added that little segment to Open Street Map so that I can find it again, and so that I can cut through one more neighborhood with confidence. My son and I took this route to his summer camp today, and he suggested one more point for Unfamiliar Route (+1).

Picture 3

Unexpected Lunch Companions (+2). If you wait for the bus at a bus stop near a restaurant, and if someone you know happens to be driving to that restaurant, then not only can you have an unexpectedly pleasant lunch but you can also get a ride downtown. Thanks to the Toziers for the happy coincidence and for a beginning of a discussion of annexation and township islands.

Picture 4

Urban Foraging (+1). Juneberries are in season, which means that a carefully selected path will take you past some delicious snacks, right out there in the open, where thousands of people walk each day but none notice except the birds and a few brave souls who appreciate Amalanchier. For more berrypicking ideas, I follow Linda Diane Feldt's @wildcrafting Twitter account. For lots more detail on Amalanchier, the 1946 American Species of Amalachier has ranges and keys for native species.

Picture 5

Park Benches (+2). If, at the end of your trek, you stop to wait for the bus – then it's useful to note that sometimes the bus stop is close to a park which has a park bench in the shade. Douglas Park is a nice place to wait for the #4, especially if you have RideTrak running on your cell phone to tell you when to get up and walk to the stop 1/2 block south of the park. My walk the next morning circled around all the way back to this park bench.

North Star (+1). A nice night walk on a clear night gives you all of the directions you need when Polaris is visible in the north sky. The drawing is from H. A. Rey's The Stars, my all time favorite book about the night sky.

Picture 6


How do I come up with this bonus point structure? If you walk around enough, something that you see or do is bound to make you happy. Give yourself points for those happy places, and know where they are so that you can revisit them.

1 thought on “Walking Around: bonus points

  1. Linda Diane Feldt

    Since I walk with my dog, bonus points for dog friendly stores where I can shop with her – Downtown Home and and Garden. Kolossos, picking Ark tickets at Herb David, Crazy Wisdom are a few examples. If they have dog treats, or water for dogs like Acme even better. More points? Dogma Catmando has dog treats in their mail slot for when they are closed. So that is a big score.
    A watering place by the Huron for the dog to wade and drink seems like extra point place.
    I’d also score big points if you can do a good deed (helps a handicapped woman across the street, report on an ice covered sidewalk,file a “stopped watched” item for the AA Chronicle are all good deeds. Maybe educating cars about the pedestrian crosswalk law? That should count for something.
    Thanks for the continuing inspiration Ed.


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