Early July berry picking report, 2011

U-Pick Strawberry season in the Ann Arbor area is over; it ended June 29 at Rowe's, and June 26 at Whittaker's.

Juneberries are still on the trees, but they are overripe and best left for the birds.

Mulberries are out in full force on the trees and on the sidewalks. Look down for black blotches, then look up for ripe berries.

Blackberries and black raspberries can be found in parks or in the yards of helpful neighbors. 

Wasem's has U-pick red and green gooseberries, red and black currants, and tart (sour) cherries, starting July 7. Not everything is always available depending on ripening, call ahead for details.

Dexter Blueberry Farm is expecting to open July 20, according to their email; the web site says July 25.

See Real Time Farms for more details on local produce. If you have any spare berries, let me know. 

2 thoughts on “Early July berry picking report, 2011

  1. Amy

    If I’d read this first, I’d have saved myself some gas and frustration today, driving around. rrrrrrrr…. Rowe’s said their season was still on and then we got there and.. .nothing! Blueberries, huh? My kid hates blueberries. We have to BUY our strawberries to make preserves for the annual jam contest at Downtown Home and Garden! It is not to be borne!

  2. rork

    I’m working on black raspberries now. Goal: 5 gallons/year.
    I believe this year they are as late as I have ever seen in my 30 years of picking.
    Last year: record early.
    Giving exact dates is hard cause they come perhaps 7 days later in the NW part of our county compared to the SE part.
    Some plants are rather stressed due to lack of water in the last few weeks, and the berries are suffering some.


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