Comments will henceforth be edited for spelling and grammar

A fascinating account of how Zappo's improved the quality of reviews on its site by hiring Mechanical Turkers to correct spelling and grammar. From Behind the Enemy Lines

An online retailer noticed that, indeed, products with high-quality reviews are selling well. So, they decided to take action. The retailer used Amazon Mechanical Turk to improve the quality of the reviews posted on its own website. Using the Find-Fix-Verify pattern, the retailed used Mechanical Turk to examine millions of product reviews. (Here are the archived versions of the HITs: FindFixVerify. And if you have not figured out the firm name by now, the retailer is Zappos.) For the reviews with mistakes,they fixed the spelling and grammar errors! Thus they effectively improved the quality of the reviews on their website. And, correspondingly, they improved the demand for their products.

The estimated copy editing cost is $0.10 per review. Imagine how many other paragraph-sized chunks of text could be improved for a dime a piece, this post included.

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