Hurricane Irene evacuation maps

Running roughly south to north. Several of these web servers are currently under heavy load, so where there are mirrors I'll note them; in addition, some of the official maps are relatively large PDFs, so in some cases there are simpler to load images available.

Other sites with map collections: Core77, PSA: Hurricane Evacuation Maps; Hurricane Channel evacuation maps collection.  A consolidated set of evacuation map data is in the FEMA GIS Data Feeds collection, labeled "HSIP Gold '10".'s 2011 Hurricane Season has a set of map overlays which include the FEMA evacuation routes. 

First pass of this is links only.

North Carolina: Hurricane evacuation maps, from NCDOT; hurricane evacuation routes for counties east of I-95 (PDF).

Virginia: Storm surge inundation maps from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Mirrors: Norfolk (Imageshack).

Maryland: Osprey Emergency Management Map from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency. Warning: this page came up with errors the first few times I loaded it. Evacuations: Ocean City (story, Baltimore Sun).

Delaware: Evacuation routes from DELDOT. Evacuations: Bethany Beach; coastal areas (Governor's announcement); parts of Sussex County (map from DEMA).

New Jersey: Coastal evacuation and storm surge maps from the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management. Evacuations: statewide list (, Atlantic County (Press of Atlantic City).

New York: New York City evacuation areas: official map (PDF);  WNYC (Google map); Scribd map mirror (from PDF); Docstoc mirror (from PDF). Long Island storm surge flood map. Evacuations: Fire Island (ferry information); NYC Zone A, Rockaway (NY Times story; WSJ story))


Rhode Island:



4 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene evacuation maps

  1. Chris Goosman

    Thanks Ed! My family and I are on vacation down here and it was strange getting the mandatory evacuation phone call today, given that it was beautiful out all day. The only thing out of place was the slightly larger than normal waves, at least slightly larger than we’ve seen over the last several years of coming down here.

  2. Chris Goosman

    Indeed, and the latest forecast maps have the storm running right into our current area, so we’re moving a couple hours inland. We stayed during a strong tropical storm (Hannah) two years ago, and that was entertainment enough. A Category III/IV is a much different beast.


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