Combined East Coast power outage tracking map

One of the hardest parts of tracking large storms is figuring out the damage to the power infrastructure as the storms roll through. You can get a good grasp on how bad a storm is by how much the power goes out, but each power company's outage site is different, and there has been no straightforward multi-state combined view.

The 2011 hurricane season crisis map from Google has the first large scale version of a multi-utility outage map. It renders thematic maps from 5 east coast utilities (ConEdison, Pepco, Progress Energy, Delmarva and Atlantic City) on a single map, pulled from a KML (GeoRSS) file that notes the relative severity of the storms in each area. Map below shows a day with no severe outages, all blue; I'll need to compare with a post-storm power outage.

Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 12.59.32 PM


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