The day after: what 9/12/2001 was like

I wrote this for a now defunct mailing list on the day after 9/11. It seems reasonable to post it now, to remember what happened in a way that doesn't focus on the event, but rather how much things have changed since then.


Saul and I went swimming today at the Y. The big pool was full of kids taking lessons, and the little pool had 3 parents and their kids splashing and kicking and in Saul's case swallowing a bit of water. The radio was on rather loud in the lifeguard's office, with what sounded like NPR news going. Earlier in the day we went to farmer's market – it's nearing the end of the peach season, but there are peppers in abundance, and plenty of tomatoes.

It's definitely starting to be fall here, with leaves turning red on at least one tree on my regular path downtown. […]

A fighter jet made a circle over the center of campus as [we] were heading downtown, the only plane in the sky the whole day. On Labor Day there had been a low-flying small plane trailing an advertising banner for a bank (I won't bank there, now) but nothing like that today. Totally clear blue skies and no jet contrails like normal.

By 11 am there were no copies of the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, or even USA Today to be had from vending machines or from Borders.

My immediate family is checking in, and everyone is accounted for. I have three cousins in New York City, and my parents are visiting my brother and sister-in-law in DC. There are stories to tell but
not now, I am not ready for that quite yet.

Big rally on the Diag last night, something like 15,000 people were there, the coverage from the student newspaper. We were putting Saul to bed at the time.

I spent far too much of Tuesday glued to the net, the radio, and to my phone, and then late at night I finally hauled up our TV from the basement and looked at some pictures.

It's late now, and I don't really have a lot more to say. I would like to hear what you are doing. I know that not everything is all right, but even a few words about what your day is like, the sights and sounds around you, would be nice to hear.

For those of you who lost friends and loved ones yesterday, my thoughts are with you.


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