Facebook changes

Facebook is changing, again; that's not really news, since it seems to change all the time. Some people will like it, some people will hate it, and for the most part people will get used to it since they always seem to.

I turned on the new profile page, and started monkeying around. The most notable part was a nice and very usable timeline that unearthed a few gems from the not so distant past, and that also surfaced a small handful of posts that I was able to delete because I didn't want to see them again. It's remarkable that even stuff from four years ago was relatively easy to dig up; to do the same task on Twitter is impossible at the moment, and blog archive systems could learn a thing or two as well.

I'm never going to end up with all of my digital history tucked away neatly inside the Facebook world; for better or for worse, it's too messy to find and not worthwhile to even think how to relive enough of the past. Still, there's something appealing now to a system that really has a sense of time, and where things that are old don't disappear. 


One thought on “Facebook changes

  1. Eric Sobocinski

    I actually like almost all of the new features in the new user interface, and the few nuggets I don’t like can be tweaked to work for me. The change that has me somewhat upset is the stealthy removal of being able to easily see all friend’s posts. This is the second time they’ve tried this year, the first being the “show posts only from those I interact with” feature. The first could be repealed with a simple settings change, but this one won’t roll back without at least a click for each FB friend. I’m sure some folks don’t want to read everything and appreciate help filtering noise from the good content, hence the old “Top News” button, but FB is trying really hard to filter content for all of us.
    Why? Facebook is at its core a communications tool, so why would they work so hard at hiding us from each other? Do they think that if we read and write fewer posts that we’ll spend more time playing Farmville et al and make them more profit?


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