UARS reentry tracking

The UARS satellite is making its way back to earth. Here’s some parts of the ways to track it. (Think of it as research for your next disaster movie.)

On Twitter, the #UARS hash tag has a lot of traffic. I’m following @UARS_Reentry and @NASA and that’s enough to get the summary information.

Heavens Above has an orbital display with current location information; you’ll need to refresh periodically.

I wouldn’t know where to start looking on Facebook for information.

On Wikipedia, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite page is getting an edit every few minutes, as wikipedians try to decide the proper balance between newsworthiness and encyclopedic content.

There are a few video channels that people are hosting, but none of them are very interesting. Instead, watch Weekend Update science editor John Belushi reporting on the impending fall of Skylab.



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