Vacuum cleaner costume ideas for Halloween 2012

In 2008, I wrote about how to make a Halloween vacuum cleaner costume, with attachments. I know that Halloween is coming every year when people start to find that post.

Go there to look at it (now; thanks) and then some more ideas:

Read Engelbert Sneem and his Mean Vacuum Machine, a 2007 kids picture book by Daniel Postgate from North-South Books.

@zephyrbunny on Flickr has a photo set to build a Roomba costume

From Puppet Junction:

For one of her first costume building jobs, Serra Hirsch built a Vacuum Cleaner Costume and portrayed the character of  Bertha the Vacuum Cleaner for the Looking Glass Theater's production of I Hate Spinach! 


2 thoughts on “Vacuum cleaner costume ideas for Halloween 2012

  1. Sharon Parker

    Halloween vacuum cleaner costume is indeed a nice idea. I just can’t figure it out how it looks like. I am looking forward to see the pictures of your costume for me to have a guide. Thanks in advance!

  2. Frank

    It’s almost halloween time again! The Roomba costume looks good, and fairly easy to make. Any pictures of the costume for the regular vacuum cleaner with attachments?


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