Google Analytics real time vs. mybloglog

We are writing to inform you that you have now been added to the beta for Google Analytics Real-Time! As we announced the Real-Time reports show you what is happening on your website as it happens.

Once upon a time, there was mybloglog. It was great, and then Yahoo bought it, gave it the big purple Yahoo squeeze of love, and then killed it.

Google now has a real time version of Google Analytics, which does some of the things that mybloglog once it. It tells you in real time what pages are being looked at, where people are coming from to look at them, and which keywords and referring sites are driving traffic. It scratches some of the same itch that mybloglog used to scratch, when there’s some kind of burst of news and you want to know what’s going on in real time and not on tomorrow’s reporting.

mybloglog had something that GA doesn’t have and really hasn’t had: tracking of clicks not to the site you’re looking at, but to something out there in the world that you linked to. That was great to use – and something that made it easy to see that you were successful as a blogger because you were driving traffic elsewhere. That’s gone; maybe someone will build it, but maybe they won’t.

As for the big purple squeeze of love, see also delicious, mangled by carpetbaggers after being abandoned by Yahoo. I have to wonder whether there’s a web 3.0, the clipped corner remake of web 2.0 properties that were acquired and then sunsetted.


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