Ann Arbor area FM radio, scanning left to right on your radio dial

A band scan from Ann Arbor, with notes especially on how to get ahold of the station if you like the tunes being played.

This list is incomplete, because you can always have a better radio with a better antenna that can pick out one more low power station at the edge of its range. It’s also incomplete, because it only points to stations I’m likely to listen to, and because it’s starting at the left edge of the dial.

88.3 FM. WCBN-FM Ann Arbor is the University of Michigan student radio station; the studio line is +1 734 763 3500. Your chance of getting your request played on air is excellent during one of the many freeform shows. Listen live online to WCBN, or point your terrestrial antenna towards the WCBN transmitter located at the top of the Dennison Building on the University of Michigan campus.

89.1 FM. WEMU-FM Ypsilanti is the Eastern Michigan University National Public Radio affiliate, playing news, jazz, and blues. The studio line is +1 734 487 8936. Listen live online to WEMU, or point your terrestrial antenna towards the transmitter located off LeForge Road to the north of the EMU campus. WEMU’s local news bureau reports community news. Twitter: @WEMU891.

89.9 FM. CBC Radio 2 Windsor broadcasts from Detroit’s neighbor to the south, Windsor Ontario. Listen live online to CBC Radio 2.

90.5 FM. WKAR-FM East Lansing is the NPR affiliate for Michigan State University, with classical music programming. The transmitter is located in Ingham County, and you’ll need to point your antenna to pick up signals from the northwest of Ann Arbor. Listen live online to WKAR.

91.7 FM. WUOM-FM Ann Arbor is Michigan Radio, the University of Michigan National Public Radio affiliate, featuring news and talk programming. WUOM runs BBC programming overnight. Listen live online to WUOM.


Thanks to Mike O’Connor, Chris Dzombak, Jessica Webster, Tamar Charney, Tex, arwulf arwulf, Erika Sherman, The Electrifying Mojo, Lucy Ann Lance, Jessica Webster, and a number of other people I haven’t mentioned yet for their contributions and encouragement for this document and to Ann Arbor area radio.

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