color selection and visual recognition of work

Every so often my world gets influenced by the colors of things that I see, and I find the need to sort by color.

At the moment, I'm sorting a lot of web tabs by the color of the favicon, left to right in a rainbow, with Gmail (red) on the left and Google Calendar (blue) on the right. Surprisingly few violet and indigo favicons, or else they would take the rightmost tabstop; I suspect that if I used Yahoo more, I'd sort the other way.

I'm writing this in Typepad (pale green, somewhere in the middle), and I notice right away that Markdown, the editor it had inside, doesn't have a color picker for text.

The programmers I work with use color-coded text all the time as part of their way to notice structural and syntax elements, but I think I'd be really confused by that all the time – I'm much more after semantic coloring than syntactic coloring. I also know that this kind of machine-assisted synaesthesia is an acquired taste for me that comes and goes and doesn't seem yet to have consistent colors.


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