The Onion leaves Ann Arbor, three months after it arrived

The Onion‘s local arts and entertainment section AV Club Ann Arbor is leaving town, only three months after it set up shop. Michigan Radio had the news, though they were too polite to run their recording of a conversation with the franchisee, Bobby Mitchell of Bopper Media. I spoke with the director of sales who referred questions to Mitchell who wasn’t available for comment (i.e. I didn’t have his phone number).

Mark Maynard notes the collapse of the Onion franchise and is as surprised as I was about how short lived the stay was. If you want to pick up where Bopper left off, Onion franchise terms are available for perusal.

On a happier note, local satirists News of Ann Arbor, the Ann Arbor Newshawks, and doubtless dozens more waiting in the wings of Ann Arbor’s booming fake journalism industry are expecting to press on, regardless of this temporary setback in their midst.


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