Burns Park Elementary school closed December 7, 2011 due to power outage

We got word via telephone this morning before school started that a power outage at Burns Park Elementary School (see map below, from the DTE outage map) has cancelled school for the day. The outage affects over 1400 customers in Burns Park, Lower Burns Park, and along South State Street. I can’t tell from the map whether University of Michigan facilities are also affected, but the report from the dotcom is that traffic signals are also affected along Packard and on East Stadium near the Stadium Bridges project.

Details from the DTE outage information page:

Job ID: W11120700007
Estimated Restoration: Wed Dec 07 2011, 12 00 – Wed Dec 07 2011, 14 00
Off Since: Wed Dec 07 2011, 06 00
Last Update: Wed Dec 07 2011, 07 50
Cause: Area outage.

Picture 24

From: Liz Margolis, Ann Arbor Public Schools
To: Burns Park Staff and Families

Burns Park is closed today. There is no power to the building and in the area. DTE is unable to give us an accurate time when the power will be restored. No school for staff or students, today, Wednesday, December 7.

We apologize for this late notice. The power went down at 6:40 this morning.

Thank you

Liz Margolis, Director of Communications, AAPS


1 thought on “Burns Park Elementary school closed December 7, 2011 due to power outage

  1. Chris

    Odd. We had power on Golden and I seem to recall porch lights on along Granger, but perhaps that was past the intersection. I did notice that there was a generator running at the Packard/Granger intersection when we crossed, but assumed that they were doing some sort of monitoring or something. I guess that was just to keep the light running.


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