Ann Arbor plow trucks: public tracking

The Ann Arbor plow truck public tracking page shows where the snow plows are out and about in Ann Arbor.

Picture 1
This view shows 4 of the 5 trucks that were out on Monday evening, January 2, 2012.

Plow routes are color coded, and plow trucks are numbered. One tip: if you are using Chrome, turn on and off the "label" field to get the trucks to show.

The system is build by Radio Satellite Integrators, and uses ESRI map technology. I don't have an explanation for the US-12 shield on Jackson Road.

5 thoughts on “Ann Arbor plow trucks: public tracking

  1. Bernadine  Koster

    This is a great tool that can be used for the freight trucking business as well, since it can hasten the coordination between the trucks and the companies they belong to. This can also enable freight trucking businesses to provide alternative routes to their personnel, if ever there’s an obstruction in their designated route.


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