a2b3 lunch non-summary for 4th week of March 2012

Name check!

Thanks to +Gyll Stanford, +Steven W. Cornell, +Joel Vergun , +Patrick Haggood , +Dan Romanchik , +Linda Diane Feldt, +John Hritz, +Roger Rayle , +Dan Friedus, and +Brian Rice who made for good conversation at lunch last Thursday.

In no particular order, we talked about the +a2b3 Amateur Radio Club (with Dan Romanchik as the likely point of contact), since we had a couple of people who were online listening to +Skywarn for the last tornado. There was also good discussion of fruit trees and the impact of unseasonable weather on the fruit crops, and at my end of the table some neat talk about underground clay irrigation systems. Joel had a good reception from a Ypsi civic group about his DishFish project.

Events of note for the coming weeks:

Linda Diane Feldt on herbal health for men (Thursday)
Fool Moon
Huron River Water Trail meeting
A2A3 Soap Box Derby (Saturday)
Brick Bash (Saturday)
+Grange Junior Makers

Thanks to the 11 (of about 450, or 2.5%) who showed up, and to the 97.5% of you who didn't for whatever reason, it would have been crowded!

1 thought on “a2b3 lunch non-summary for 4th week of March 2012

  1. Linda Diane Feldt

    The TEDx UM may impact attendance? It seems like many in A2B3 do that sort of thing. I’ll be at TEDx this week, then honoring the anniversary of my mom’s death by taking the day off to honor her the following week. See you mid April!


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