LoBuPa neighborhood meeting, April 11, 2012

The Lower Burns Park Neighborhood Association announces its spring meeting for neighbors in LoBuPa. Please join us, details follow. Thanks go to Nancy Leff for organizing this meeting.

7 pm – 8:30 pm
Buddhist Temple on Packard

1.  Jim Kosteva, UM Director of Community relations, A2 city representative(s), and our local city council representatives, Margie Teall & Marcia Higgins will all be in attendance. There are many issues to discuss related to the Athletic department’s current Big House rental agreement with pro hockey and potential rentals for other events and how these events will affect our neighborhood: will parking on lawns be permitted during these events, how will traffic be managed, how will events with liquor licenses mange potentially unruly, intoxicated attendees, and more.

We would like to provide feedback to the city and to U of M on this issue from our discussion at the meeting.

2.  Aaron Seagraves, the city of Ann Arbor's Public Art Administrator.  Aaron is coordinating the project that will place permanent art work(s) at the Stadium Bridges area once the rebuild is complete.  He will talk about his job at the city and give details about the art project for the bridges.  Read more about the city's public art dept. here:


3.  Mike Sivak, our neighbor on Granger, will present the traffic datafrom the his effort to have the city monitor speeds on Granger Ave. and to increase police presence on our streets to stop speeding cars.

4. Graydon Krapohl will be on hand to discuss any issues related to the Neighborhood Watch program and updates on the Stadium Bridges project.


Nancy Leff

For more information contact Edward Vielmetti, 734-330-2465, emv@umich.edu


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