I voted; this year’s Automark trial and error

I used the Automark machine to vote today, as I did in 2010 (AnnArbor.com story) and in 2008 (Vacuum post).

image from www.michigan.gov

This year's voting excursion was harder, because the poll worker initially told me that I could not use the machine and that it was reserved for the handicapped. That was wrong; any voter in my precinct could use that system. The issue was resolved quickly.

For the first time, I used the audio interface and had the (one) issue on the ballot read out to me. Since I can see just fine, I wasn't able to tell if the audio instructions were perfect, but they seemed pretty good and straightforward.

After my encounter with the poll worker, I went to city hall to give the election officials a report on what had happened. The person I talked to at city hall pulled out a guide to poll workers (from 2008) and did not immediately find specific instructions one way or the other about using the Automark, but we didn't read every page.

The election results: Ann Arbor's school technology millage passed (AnnArbor.com), Ypsilanti's two tax proposals failed (Ann Arbor Chronicle ticker), and Democrat Felicia Brabec won a special election to retain her seat on the Washtenaw County Commission after being appointed to take the place of Kristen Judge (AnnArbor.com story).


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