Writing as a way to introduce yourself

I'm in the midst of a job hunt, and so I expect that people I talk to who don't know me very well will take a look at this weblog as part of the things they look for when trying to assess who I am or to help prepare them to make small talk as a part of discussion. This is a good and useful reason to write in a weblog, to make yourself easy to strike up a conversation with.

As blogs go, Vacuum is relatively old school in that it deals with everything and nothing – you'll find dozens of categories, ranging from strawberry picking to power outages to seasonal holidays to technical discussions in a variety of fields. If it looks like a somewhat eclectic notebook, that's because it is. At various times when the need has arisen I've pulled out separate weblogs to corral related information together. Superpatron, for innovation in library systems, was the one that really took off to have a life of its own for a while. When I wrote for AnnArbor.com, a weekly column on FOIA had enough cohesion to look like a body of work and not just a collection of ephemeral interests.

When you create a resume crafted for a particular job, you emphasize the particular skills and abilities you have and by keeping it brief you remove a whole set of other things. When you blog voraciously over a decade, you collect a whole lot of things that look temporarily interesting but sometimes – perhaps more than sometimes – just turn out to be interesting of the moment.

So, hi. You're reading this. There's a lot here, if you search. If you ask about anything, there's probably more to be said. I assume that you'll understand if there's some things here that look unfinished, because that's by design. 

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