My little pixelated town

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Herb David, Jerusalem Garden, and Earthen Jar as depicted in the Ann Arbor District Library's Minecraft server and spotted by Eric Klooster.

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1 thought on “My little pixelated town

  1. Jan Wolter

    That screenshot shows pretty much what I built the first day the library’s server was up. There is quite a bit more there now, though the plan is to build all of downtown Ann Arbor, which is likely to take a while. The goal is to build a model that on the street level is fairly realistic looking, but if you get closer, look inside the buildings, or go underground, you may find things a bit sillier. Seva’s kitchen contains a giant mountain of tofu. The 4th & William parking structure has signs saying it is closed for a skateboard/wheelchair race. And the Federal Building is full of curious things, of which the C.I.A.’s Llama Division Office is the pedestrian. The site has a blog at . This is still at a very early stage. Might be amazing by the end of the summer.


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