Transit of Venus: viewing opportunities near Ann Arbor on June 5, 2012

image from farm8.staticflickr.comSome notes for this evening's transit of Venus across the Sun.

University Lowbrow Astronomers has a page full of Venus transit information for Ann Arbor area locals, including viewing parties at local observatories and at the Traverwood Library. The Great Lakes Association of Astronomy Clubs has a similar list of Venus transit viewing sites statewide if you want to meet up with others while watching.

Depending on your location, the 2012 transit will take place either June 5 or June 6. If you live in Southeast Michigan, the transit will occur on the evening of June 5 from approximately 6PM until sunset. More information can about the Venus Transit be found at

The weather does not portend favorable viewing conditions – there's a chance of rain, and forecast for 50-60% cloud cover. See the Weather Underground forecast for Ann Arbor for details.

If you decide to watch the transit of Venus online, there should be a lot of places streaming it. Here's a few to save some time when it comes to hurry indoors.

Slooh Space Camera will run about a dozen feeds from a variety of sources.

Keck Observatory in Hawaii is planning a Venus transit live feed.

NASA's Sun Earth Day has a series of Transit of Venus feeds.

Back in 1882, there was also a transit of Venus; the Public Domain Review has a roundup of images from those viewing expeditions. Science!


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