MinnPost: Mapping the “Nice Ride” bicycles in Minneapolis

MinnPost.com has an excellent visualization of the "Nice Ride" bike system in Minneapolis. They took GPS data from 40+ bikes in that system and mapped out where they were going on a typical day in the system. Here's a snapshot from mid-afternoon ; the base map grid shows the most commonly used routes.

The system began in Minneapolis two years ago. With the St. Paul expansion, there are now 146 stations with 1,328 bikes available stretching between Minneapolis’ Uptown and St. Paul's West Side.

Daily, weekly or annual subscriptions are required, allowing free rides of up to 30 minutes, with trip fees added after the first half-hour.


Minneapolis-nice-ride-map-minnpost-captureMinnPost has released the software they used to do this on Github; look for the minnpost-nice-ride project.


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