Duluth floods of June 2012

The city of Duluth, Minnesota has flooded after torrential rains. This map shows the rain intensity, with some areas getting more than 6 inches in a day.

Picture 6
For local coverage, the Duluth News Tribune (Twitter: @duluthnews) is a good source for detail. Minnesota Public Radio put together a stunning set of photos of the Duluth floods, including a picture of a seal that washed away from the Duluth Zoo (the seal is OK). The Minneapolis Star-Tribune also collected photos of the flood from citizens.

There's a scanner feed from Radio Reference for local law enforcement and fire and rescue in the Duluth/Superior area which gives some sense for what's going on from moment to moment. When I tuned in this evening, the dispatcher was noting that they had run out of "Road Closed" signs, and were hoping to get more from the state.

I've been looking for a (very) local map that shows damage, but events are too chaotic right now to get that. Damage estimates are in the millions, with extensive damage to infrastructure (roads, bridges) that will take time and money to fix.

Lots more detail is flooding by on Twitter on the #duluthflood tag.

Update 6/26/2012: This snapshot of an interactive map of Minnesota road closings from MNDOT shows the widespread damage to roads, streets, and bridges in the Duluth area.




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