Over 700 million lose power in India in second day of grid failures

After writing about power problems that affected thousands of homes, it's hard to imagine a problem that would take out 700 million subscribers. But that's just the problem facing India, which has seen failures of its transmission grid in two days straight – the biggest power outage ever.

Some sources for more information:

The Guardian, UK. "Power cuts plunge 20 of India's 28 states into darkness as energy suppliers fail to meet growing demand"

More than 700 million people in India have been left without power in the world's worst modern blackout, prompting fears that protests and even riots could follow if the country's electricity supply continues to fail to meet growing demand.

Twenty of India's 28 states were hit by power cuts, along with the capital, New Delhi, when three of the five electricity grids failed at lunchtime.

Power Grid Corporation of India's press release on the subject provides some details:

A disturbance occurred in the NR, ER and NER electricity grid at 1300 hours today leading to a blackout in these regions except survival of small pockets in Delhi, Kolkata, Narora etc. Supply to affected regions is being extended from Western and Southern Region grids. Presently supply to NR has been extended from Gwalior on Gwalior-Agra line up to Delhi stations. Supply to railway traction and metro has been restored to almost all the points. Hydro Stations in NR have been started and supply has restored up to Punjab and Haryana areas also. Startup supply has been extended to Singrauli, Rihand via Vindhyachal and startup supply to Talchar has been extended from Western Region It is expected that supply to all the major points in affected regions shall be made available in 2 to 3 of hours time. 

The Wall Street Journal live-blogged the blackout for the second day.

A bad day for India, however you look at it. The government was forced to admit not just a serious shortage of power but also of water. These are without question two of India’s biggest long-term challenges.



1 thought on “Over 700 million lose power in India in second day of grid failures

  1. Sähköhinta

    That huge damage of loosing a electricity is really a trouble,in Finland country there is a lot of solution when it come to electricity,all of their electricity services and supply for all consumers is well manage.


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