Six tabs open, and a cup of coffee next to me

I'm working on a lot of things, or so it seems, but right now I just want to write.

The working environment at the moment is the Chrome browser, with 6 tabs open. Two are Gmail accounts, one is Twitter, one is the Typepad dashboard from which I'm writing this, and one is a Google Analtyics window set to "real time" view for Arborwiki. A sixth tab is currently on Google search, but it varies from time to time.

There are people who keep hundreds of open tabs, but I'm not one of them – my usual plan for dealing with a surplus of work in progress is either to blog or twitter about it or to pin up a bookmark with Pinboard and then close the window.

Most notably from a productivity perspective is that Facebook doesn't fit into the picture. My Facebook stream has turned into a political circus, and I don't like wading through artful graphics making fun of politicians on all sides. It's tedious, and it makes me think that I could give up on Facebook mostly and not miss it.


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