On the importance of a morning deadline

I've always written better when there has been a deadline. Here's what I have on top of my mind on a chilly September morning, written over the span of about an hour.

Chicago teachers are on strike. The Chicago Tribune's live blog of the strike notes that 144 locations are open to handle kids that get free lunches and breakfasts, and that the CTA is offering free fares to students to get to those schools. Teachers are on the picket lines, chanting "What do we want? Fair contract. When do we want it? Now!" 

Cuba had a power outage yesterday. An AP story (via Huffington Post) says that "millions" were affected, for up to five hours. No explanation was given for the outage, and the English language page of Radio Havana had no mention of the incident.

Ann Arbor: A crew from Beal is demolishing a house at Kingsley and First. [photo] Before demo: [photo]. Photos from Ross Orr (voxphoto).

Ann Arbor: Road construction continues all over town. The corner of Packard and Stadium is down to one lane in each direction, causing delays. 

Ann Arbor: Gas prices in the area range from $3.82 (Costco) to $4.25 (BP, Exit 169) according to AnnArborGasPrices.com, a service of GasBuddy.

Ann Arbor: See the Arborwiki Unbuilt Developments page for a look at proposed development and construction in Ann Arbor that never made it past the planning stage.

University of Michigan: The Wolverines beat Air Force at Michigan Stadium, despite an overwhelming show of air power by Air Force in the pregame. [video of B-2 bomber] (via MGoBlog). Parking prices were $50 at Pioneer High School as rain the night before forced parts of the golf courses to be closed. We parked 3 cars at $15. Next week: Massachusetts.


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