Elixir Vitae Coffee and Tea, E Liberty St, Ann Arbor next to Liberty St Robot Supply

I had my first chance to sit at the new Elixir Vitae cafe on East Liberty today. The store is one of two with that name, after the Cafe Ambrosia store on Maynard Street changed its name. (Same ownership, just a new name, because of conflicts with too many other coffee businesses called Ambrosia).

Some impressions:

There's a lot more sunshine in the new cafe than there ever was in the old one. Maynard is shaded by the parking structure and by Tower Plaza, but East Liberty has a nice south-facing window and light coming in.

The general ambiance is about the same, but not as many people have discovered the new cafe just yet. I'm expecting it to eventually get something between a Main Street and a State Street sense to it, but for now, I was mostly alone in using the place for an extended typing session.

The local events bulletin board has a good selection to look at – it's not quite as big as the Maynard location, which has in my opinion one of the finest bulletin boards in town.

All in all a solid showing and a good new place to go.


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