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a2b3 non-summary for November 29, 2012

Thanks to Patricia F. Anderson for this non-summary of the November 29, 2012 A2B3 lunch at Eastern Accents. 

Hi, folk!

Yesterday saw a decent sized group for lunch, roughly a dozen. Conversation was, as usual, fascinating and diverse.

General conversation included the search for a proper formalmythological "Muse" or Goddess as a kind of patron saint of geeks and code monkeys. A suggestion was Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of
measurement, mathematics, and librarianship, known for her seven-pointed headdress and leopardskin dress.

"Seshat carried many titles, such as "Lady of Builders", "Mistress of the House of Books", and "Foremost in the Library"."

Also mentioned was a recommendation for the book, "War of Art."

Main question focused on upcoming events, where to have events, and "December-y-type stuff".

Upcoming Events:

– Ed's birthday (see y'all next week!)
– Kiwanis sale Fri-Sat 9-12
– Workantile makers fest – January; Show and tell for makers
– Xmas movies at Michigan Theater free on … Sundays? mostly.

Where to have an event:

– Hathaway's Hideaway

– Pittsfield Grange

– Need a wiki for meeting space in a2
– Check ArborWiki: <>

About Events:

– Events as doorway to membership
– "more focused on the diurnal"
– Birthdays
– Seinfeld avoidance syndrome
– Marriage licenses will be trickier over the break between Xmas and New Years

Mysterious "boundary marker" stone on Old West Side


Listening to (and participating in!) the W8UM net for Sunday, November 18, 2012

My friend Dan KB6NU was network control for the W8UM net tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (145.230 MHz, -600 kHz shift, 100 Hz PL). This was my first try at being on for the net, and so I waited patiently until my radio started making noises other than static.

After most everyone else checked in, I hit the transmit button and gave my call sign (KD8OQG) and was acknowledged by Dan. 

Among other things discussed tonight:

The Amateur Radio Relay League's Logbook of the World;
Where to get amateur radio gear in Hawaii, for someone traveling there;
The Monday, November 19 2012 performance of the Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra at Hill Auditorium. 

I mostly listened, but it was an enjoyable hour spent, and it's always good to tune in to a good discussion.

Consumers Energy announces new power outage map

The new Consumers Energy Power Outage map is at Here's a map with the service territory marked – there are no outages to speak of on the map right now. The page automatically switches to a mobile web view if you are coming from a smart mobile device (IOS and Android; not so much Blackberry). There are three views: one for individual detailed outages, one at a city level, and one at a county level. According to the webinar I'm listening to now, the detailed outages are running in real time, and the city/county overview is delayed up to 5 minutes.

For the media, this augments but does not replace the existing direct contacts to Consumers Energy public relations representatives who can answer questions.

For storms in Michigan that come from west to east, it will be useful to watch to see how badly the storm affects Consumers before it gets to Detroit Edison territory.

Picture 93

LIPA Style – Long Island Power Authority version of “Gangnam Style”

Via Viral Viral Videos:

Long Island hit music station 106.1 BLI … made this genius Long Island Power Authority spoof of the KPop mega hit with their own relevant lyrics, all pertaining to the recent mass power outages due to hurricane Sandy. Naturally, the music video is instantly going viral!


Add this to your list of parodies of this hit – my other favorite is "Klingon Style", and my younger son was singing along to "Mitt Romney Style" the other day.

(First time to cross-post between "Power outages" and "Music").

How many signs did the City of Ann Arbor remove from the right of way in 2012?

The City of Ann Arbor's Community Standards Department routinely removes signs from the right of way when someone puts something there that doesn't belong. This might be an advertising sign, a political yard sign, or something else that fits the bill. The city's sign ordinance sets the standards.

I asked the city in a FOIA request to give me more information about sign removals, and after we went back and forth a while to get a request that was easy to fill, here's what I got: a count of the number of signs removed each month.

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Only be sure always to call it please research.

Let no one else's work evade your eyes, 
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes, 
So don't shade your eyes, 
But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize… 
Only be sure always to call it please research.

(Tom Lehrer, "Lobachevsky", copyright 1951)

Lyrics in full are in "Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer", and if you click through to the Amazon link below you can get to their "Look inside" to see the whole thing.

Geek tour: WCBN-FM control room, Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a2geeks is hosting a tour of the WCBN-FM control room on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. Tours start at 5:30p, 6:30p, and 7:30p, and you should RSVP for your space. (I'll be at the 5:30pm tour.)

WCBN is an amazing student-run radio station at the University of Michigan, founded in 1972 and broadcasting from the basement of the Student Activities Building. Listen live to WCBN at 88.3 FM (all the way to the left on your dial) or online. You might need to go online to enjoy it if you live outside the transmission area – this map from the FCC shows an approximate radius of where the station can best be enjoyed, though I'm sure I've heard it from further away.

Map credit: FCC station database for WCBN-FM

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