US Election Results, 2012 Presidential election

Some links to coverage of the US presidential election plus state of Michigan and local Ann Arbor area results follow. This page will be updated as I find more. (Last update 1:10 a.m.)

National election results

The Los Angeles Times map is a cartogram, showing the relative electoral college size of each state.

Picture 76

The Guardian US map rocks us with 3D, once you click through to each state.

Picture 77

The NPR Election Presidential Big Board puts it all on one screen, no maps needed, sorted by poll closing times. See also the NPR Senate Big Board and the NPR House Big Board.

Picture 78

The Week has a guide to election night television viewing.

The New York Times election results page; the paywall disappears at 6:00 p.m. Eastern.

Picture 79

The Washington Post election live blog is The Fix. Map: Presidential election.

Picture 80

The Wall Street Journal covers the election.

Picture 81

Reuters has an election live blog.

NPR Digital Services is running a live Battleground blog.

WNYC in New York has results.

Picture 82

50 journalists and election followers via this Twitter list by Matthew Keys.

State by state for battleground states

Colorado coverage via Twitter from the Denver Post, @denverpost.

Florida coverage from the Tampa Bay Times.

Iowa county by county presidential election map from the Des Moines Register.

New Hampshire live blog election coverage from the Manchester Union-Leader.

Ohio election coverage from the Dayton Daily News.

Pennsylvania coverage from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Virginia coverage from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Wisconsin county by county presidential election map from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Local coverage for Michigan

Unofficial election results for Washtenaw County from the County Clerk.

Ann Arbor election results on CitiTV, cable 19; also follow it online. Coverage starts at 10:00 p.m.

Statewide coverage from the Detroit Free Press. 

Unofficial statewide results from the Michigan Secretary of State.


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