#indyboom – Indianapolis gas explosion levels two homes, damages dozens more

The hash tag #indyboom is being used to track what is presumed to be a large gas explosion in the Richmond Hill subdivision in Indianapolis that completely destroyed two homes and caused several others to catch fire. I'm writing this while the incident is still being sorted out, in the hopes of collecting together relevant references and links. This was last updated at 11:07 a.m. on Sunday, November 11, 2012.

Two are dead, according to confirmed reports, and four people had minor injuries that required hospitalization. About 200 people were evacuated from the neighborhood where the blast occurred.

At the original inception of the hash tag, it was unclear whether the event was an earthquake, a plane crash, or something else; it's been confirmed that there was no plane crash. The explosion was heard for miles around.

The best way I've found to follow the incident has been through Radio Reference's feed of the Marion County MECA Fire and Rescue, and via the WISH-8 live TV feed.

Mary Bryan Elementary School, which is nearby, is being used as a place of shelter for residents who are evacuated from the neighborhood. Residents of the area who wish to contribute to relief efforts are asked to coordinate their efforts with their local fire station rather than go directly to the site.

Photos of the event include this instagram from @indysi94. I'm searching for original credits for the photo before posting it here.

News media in the area or on the scene:

WISH-TV 8 (live coverage): Home Explosion Reported

Callers into the WISH-TV newsroom say they heard and felt the explosion from areas around Indianapolis. One caller felt the explosion from Hancock County.

Screen capture from WISH-TV live coverage:


Indianpolis Star (@indystar):  Massive explosion reported off Stop 11 Road on Indy's Southside

A massive explosion was reported Saturday night at a residence off Stop 11 Road and Sherman Drive. Neighbors reported hearing the explosion from miles away. At least three other houses have been reported to be on fire.

WTHR-13 (@WTHRcom), NBC: Explosion reported in south Indianapolis neighborhood

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard told Eyewitness News he knew of two homes that were flattened by the explosion and video from the scene showed several more damaged. The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined. Flames and smoke were still being reported almost an hour after the explosion was first reported.

Associated Press (@ap): Indy blast: home leveled, 4 more afire, injuries

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Authorities say a loud explosion has leveled a home in Indianapolis and set four others ablaze in a neighborhood, causing several injuries.




1 thought on “#indyboom – Indianapolis gas explosion levels two homes, damages dozens more

  1. Steve Johnson

    Wthr in Indy reporting two people were killed and about two dozen homes were damaged by an explosion in a south side Indianapolis neighborhood late Saturday night.
    Five people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. St. Francis Hospital says it has admitted one patient in connection with the explosion.


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