He is a carp of constant sorrow.

TwentyPoundCarpI'm being followed (on Twitter) by a twenty pound carp – and not just any old carp, but a cyprinid philosopher-fish.

This particular carp – and it's a distinctive carp, having been transported from its west side retention pond hood into the Waters of the State, namely the mighty Huron River – is a keen observer of riparian life, a stalwart proponent of local governance, and an aspiring banjo player. A carp of constant sorrow.

Stand back, North Campus cougar; shake your feathers in anger, swans; go chatter in your well-fed Diag, squirrel – the Twenty Pound Carp is occupying your river bottom, and he'll let you know how he feels so that you can feel it too right where you'd have fish-feelings if you too had stubby pelvic fins to feel with.


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