a2b3 non-summary for November 29, 2012

Thanks to Patricia F. Anderson for this non-summary of the November 29, 2012 A2B3 lunch at Eastern Accents. 

Hi, folk!

Yesterday saw a decent sized group for lunch, roughly a dozen. Conversation was, as usual, fascinating and diverse.

General conversation included the search for a proper formalmythological "Muse" or Goddess as a kind of patron saint of geeks and code monkeys. A suggestion was Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of
measurement, mathematics, and librarianship, known for her seven-pointed headdress and leopardskin dress.

"Seshat carried many titles, such as "Lady of Builders", "Mistress of the House of Books", and "Foremost in the Library"."

Also mentioned was a recommendation for the book, "War of Art."

Main question focused on upcoming events, where to have events, and "December-y-type stuff".

Upcoming Events:

– Ed's birthday (see y'all next week!)
– Kiwanis sale Fri-Sat 9-12
– Workantile makers fest – January; Show and tell for makers
– Xmas movies at Michigan Theater free on … Sundays? mostly.

Where to have an event:

– Hathaway's Hideaway

– Pittsfield Grange

– Need a wiki for meeting space in a2
– Check ArborWiki: <http://arborwiki.org/Places_to_have_a_meeting>

About Events:

– Events as doorway to membership
– "more focused on the diurnal"
– Birthdays
– Seinfeld avoidance syndrome
– Marriage licenses will be trickier over the break between Xmas and New Years

Mysterious "boundary marker" stone on Old West Side


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