ToledoWiki is up and running

See for a city wiki for Toledo, Ohio. As of this writing it has 113 users, who have created 362 pages about the city.

It's always interesting to see a city wiki start up, and by stumbling around the first few pages you get a sense for the places that are at the interesting core of a city. The first few coffee shops that are mapped tell you where people care enough to share their places to work, and the flyers collection lets you see what's on the bulletin boards around town.

My working knowledge of Toledo is bounded by the few places that I routinely visit – the art museum, the ball field where the Mud Hens play, and a few routine stops along the freeway near the turnpike exit. It's incredibly helpful to have a local guide to the whole rest of the town to make it possible to think about alternative destinations the next time I visit.


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