Faces of Faith 2013, Sunday January 13, 2013, 2-4pm at Zion Lutheran Church

Sunday, January 13th
2 – 4 pm
Zion Lutheran Church
1501 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor 48103
Have you ever wondered what inspires people to practice different faiths or follow different spiritual teachings?  

FACES OF FAITH lets you meet with people from a variety of faith backgrounds and spiritual paths including atheists and religiously unaffiliated.  

You learn more than academic books can teach; you learn how real people actually live their path(s).  What does it mean, personally, to be Baptist, Buddhist, Quaker, Sikh, Sufi, or simply Aware (to name a few from this year's collection)?  What is your practice?  Is it helpful?  What have you learned along the way?  Listen to "living books" willing to share their stories in 20 minute "reading periods". 

So come, "check out" a "living book", and learn about your community's religions and spiritualities.  Each story is unique; each journey inspiring; each path revealing. 

Families and elementary kids are welcome.  Be part of the excitement.  Donations encouraged. To help defray costs, a $5 donation per person or family is requested.

For more information, call 734-424-1535 or email gbrides@umich.edu.

For more information www.irtwc.org

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