Marquette Alternative High School photo calendar for 2013

image from marquette.revtrak.netStudents and teachers from the photography class at Marquette Alternative High School (MAHS) create a calendar each year. The project showcases their work and funds a field trip for the students. This year's 2013 calendar features pictures of Marquette, the butterfly house on Mackinac Island, and the DeYoung Family Zoo in Wallace. The cost is $20 and it's available for sale online.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendar go to photo equipment and to a photo field trip – the butterfly museum photos are from last year's trip.

I asked Cindy DePetro from MAHS about the calendar and the responses they've gotten from it. She writes:

We continue to get praised over the quality of the photos, but our biggest praise is that most people feel like they receive a little piece of home when they see our calendars. We get many repeat customers, and our calendars travel all over the world. Thus far, we know they are being sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and China.

Tis the season!

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