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Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway pleads guilty to bank fraud charges in an Ann Arbor federal courtroom

The story from the Detroit News’s Chad Livengood (@chadlivengood):

Ann Arbor — Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway pleaded guilty Tuesday to bank fraud and could face up to 18 months in prison.

Hathaway negotiated a guilty plea with federal prosecutors and waived her right to indictment or trial. She appeared before U.S. District Court John Corbett O’Meara in his Ann Arbor courthouse just eight days after stepping down from the high court.

From The Detroit News:

There was a full quota of vehicles outside the Federal Building today in Ann Arbor, including three Homeland Security SUVs and three news trucks from 2, 4, and 7. I’m certain that more details will follow. Thanks to Bruce Vielmetti for the heads up on Twitter:


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Finn Brunton, The Accidental Archive. Notes on a talk Monday January 28 2013

Finn Brunton, U-M Assistant Professor of Information, will present "The Accidental Archive." Brunton's talk, with the alternative title "Researching criminals, otherkin, cipher anarchists, spammers and the online history that doesn't want to be kept," kicks off a new series of monthly events addressing emergent research. Light refreshments will be served.

Notes to follow. There's a hashtag, #MLibRes, on which a half dozen people are tracking. This is an impressionistic transcript, not a summary or tidy narrative, more notes drawn from what I remember from the time and some of my own thoughts mixed in.

"Preservation is constant toil, entropy requires no maintenance."

Links are not permanent, and the scholar who depends on them persisting risks losing their research materials. Finn gave out bits of a manifesto, one of which was "embrace wget".

The Law of the Good Neighbor, a theory of library collection shelving from Aby Warberg. An essay of the same name by Michael Steinberg.

A discussion of Rodona Garst, a notorious spammer, and the ephemeral collections of data about her operations collected under the name Behind Enemy Lines. One such collection is on so it has some hope of permanence. (but if you really want a copy, make one now)

Deep Blue is an institutional repository run by the University of Michigan. One notable project archived there is the Michigan Terminal System, which has original distribution tapes saved into non-ephemeral bits. Finn has been collecting tarballs of references for the works he's done, and one idea (new to him and recommended by the audience) was to put his tarballs in Deep Blue, with the right kind of dark-archive permanence that was suitable to the contents.

Reference to "shearing layers" from Stewart Brand's "How buildings learn". Different parts of the system change at different speeds. From Quiet Babylon, a discussion of shearing layers looks interesting.

Heresies expounded: "we should save everything", primarily because the Internet is all significant but to different populations. The example given is the Enron corpus, which is also a very useful spam corpus; if you discarded the spam you'd have been left with something less useful. Saving everything is problematic to archivists who are used to assessing collections and picking the good parts and compiling a finding aid, rather than taking all of the unfiled materials and collecting them willy-nilly.

There's more, but this captures the flavor of the event well; there will be a recording released.

Future events are Fourth Mondays. Follow @UMLibRes for details.

Downtown Ann Arbor fire at 401 S Division St

A downtown rental house caught fire on the evening of Friday, January 25, 2013. Initial reports did not include any mention of injuries, and two dogs were reported rescued.


Damn Arbor:  Huge fire! Fire breaks out at apartment house in downtown Ann Arbor; pets saved; Saturday 1/26/2013 update Ann Arbor fire aftermath: ‘I’m so grateful’ about dog rescue and resident safety

Michigan Daily: Fire breaks out at house near ISR. “ reporter Ryan Stanton lives in the house and his dog, Stan, was one of those saved by the fire fighters.”

Ann Arbor Journal: ANN ARBOR: Firefighters rescue 2 dogs from house fire, 8 residents displaced. Extensive quotes from Battalion Chief Randy Menard.

Washtenaw County Red Cross, via Facebook: “Five volunteers from the Washtenaw-Lenawee County Chapter of the American Red Cross responded to an apartment fire in the 400 block of South Division Street in Ann Arbor Friday night, and assisted four individuals with food, clothing and lodging. Volunteers also provided canteen service (beverages and snacks) to approximately ten first responders at the scene.”

The building is at 401 S Division St. City records show that rental permit CR072626 had expired for the dwelling as of 6/1/2012, so it was being rented without a permit. This from the city “eTrakit” system. The property is marked in eTrakit is noted as been managed by Old Town Realty. This listing shows that a 1 BR unit is asking $1010 for September 2013 occupancy.

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 7.55.22 PM

Thanks to @johnnn, @msdrdata, and @damnarbor for updates, and for @trevorstaples for the first alert that something was going on. At the time he alerted me I was walking past his classroom.


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SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory: “Critical SSH Backdoor in multiple Barracuda Networks Products”

The full security advisory is here:

Some industry reaction:

Information Week:

According to SEC Consult, however, the security definitions update still leaves three accounts on all devices — cluster, remote, root — which Barracuda told it are "essential for customer support and will not be removed." But SEC Consult warned that the password for the "root" account can be cracked, if it isn't sufficiently strong, and noted that although only Barracuda possesses the private key for the passwords for the "cluster" and "remote" accounts, this is a security problem. "This still leaves considerable risks to appliances as the password for the 'root' user might be crackable and the relevant private keys for the 'remote' user might be stolen from Barracuda Networks," said SEC Consult. "In secure environments it is highly undesirable to use appliances with backdoors built into them. Even if only the manufacturer can access them." 

Security Week repeats mostly the same news.

The Register is characteristically sharp-tounged:

Backdoor root login found in Barracuda gear – and Barracuda is OK with this; Hidden accounts 'needed for remote tech support'

Remote tech support is hard work, as is systems security.

AATA Route 5 service changes

From the news release – Sunday January 27, 2013 starts a new bus season, with improvements on the 5 route. All Route 5 details here for trips to Ann Arbor (PDF) and trips to Ypsilanti (PDF).

The service improvements are intended to provide:

  • More reliable service (better on-time performance)
  • Less crowded trips
  • More direct and faster service for riders

The number of buses on Route 5 will be increased from five to seven during morning and afternoon peak hours.

The segment of the route between downtown Ann Arbor and Packard/Stone School Roads will be increased from 4 to 6 trips per hour, and will continue to use the current routing.

Trip segments east of Packard/Stone School Roads will be divided into four variations:

  • 5A trips will travel between downtown Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti via Packard Rd., Stone School Rd., Ellsworth Rd., and Platt Rd.
  • 5B trips will travel between downtown Ann Arbor and Meijer via Packard Rd., Stone School Rd., and Ellsworth Rd.
  • 5C trips will travel between downtown Ann Arbor and Meijer (Carpenter Rd.) via Packard Rd., Stone School Rd., Platt Rd., and Ellsworth Rd.
  • NEW! – 5D trips will travel between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti directly via Buhr Park/Packard (with no service to Stone School Rd., Ellsworth Rd. or Platt Rd.).

a2b3 meeting non-summary for Thursday, January 24, 2013 at Eastern Accents

A bunch of folks met for lunch on Thursday. Here's some notes from that meeting.

I asked people how they stayed warm. They dress in layers, use solar thermal heating, wear sweaters, wear hats, huddle under electric blankets, and all manner of good adaptive Michigan behavior.

Some events coming up, each of which features some a2b3 group member. Some details elided in the interests of brevity, click to links for more details.

Already happened: Linda Diane Feldt spoke at Crazy Wisdom about the liver. "The liver is the largest and most critical organ for detoxifying the blood, moving lymph, and processing food and storing nutrients. I'm in awe of how well it functions, and how much it does." About 18 people were at the event.

Friday night 1/24/13 is David Bloom and Friends playing lounge-jazz standards at Chelsea's "Back to the Roots" cafe, details on Facebook.

Thursday 1/31/13 2-8p at Burton Manor in Livonia is ACE '13, the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurs. Details on their web site; volunteer opportunities are available which I'm happy to help you track down if you're interested.

Saturday 2/16/13 10a-noon at Eastern Accents is the 4th Death Cafe, led by Merilynne Rush. Notes on the 3d meeting are here with contact info and more details.

Wednesday 2/27/13 from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Room is Dan Romanchik about how to self-publish e-books, based on his experience with writing books on amateur radio. Event details.

Thanks to everyone for coming!