BlueStacks App Player for OS X, a review of an Android emulation environment

It doesn't run on 10.5.8, so I'm holding this review until after I upgrade to 10.6.

It didn't work on 10.6.8 either, just coming up with a "Loading" screen that hangs their seemingly forever. I'm on an early 2008 MacBook, certainly not the fastest computer in the world, but one that is usually adequate to the task of running most software.

After prompt help from Bluestacks tech support, I tried again, this time first closing my Chrome browser windows before starting. Lo and behold, it fired up promptly. The diagnosis  was "not enough memory", and sure enough once I turned off my browser there was enough memory left to get it to start.

From all I could tell of using the system with one app loaded (Twitter), it was a faithful emulation of the Android environment. There's an app store or two so that you can get new stuff. But once I started to load more than one app at a time, the system started to bog down again, and the output from "top" showed a load average of 7+ and no free system memory.

I'm willing concede that it might work on some computers, but it's not working well enough on mine to be anything but a curiousity. It certainly can't run on this system at the same time as my browser. There is hope that a future release will be more sparing of memory, in which case I'll give it another try.

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2 thoughts on “BlueStacks App Player for OS X, a review of an Android emulation environment

  1. Oconnormj

    FWIW, Bluestacks alpha loaded for me on a 2006-era MBP running 10.6.8 a few months ago. It does suck up plenty of memory and open a fair number of connections at the “Loading” screen — give it some time.


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