Algerian oil and gas pipeline and field map (from

The map below is a reduced size of the original, which is an oil and gas pipeline and field map of Algeria. It's hosted on the site and doesn't have any other credits on the map. (Not for use in navigation.)

MEM stands for Ministère de l’Energie et des Mines; this is an official map from that ministry of the Algerian government.

The incident of late – see Bloomberg News story of 18 January 2013 – focus on the complex at the Amenas Gas Field; a detail of this map is below, showing Amenas (labelled here as "In Amenas") near the border with Libya.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 4.37.22 PM
More details:

BP: "BP in Algeria" with maps of In Amenas, though not at this detail; full sized map (PDF)


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