a2b3 meeting non-summary for Thursday, January 24, 2013 at Eastern Accents

A bunch of folks met for lunch on Thursday. Here's some notes from that meeting.

I asked people how they stayed warm. They dress in layers, use solar thermal heating, wear sweaters, wear hats, huddle under electric blankets, and all manner of good adaptive Michigan behavior.

Some events coming up, each of which features some a2b3 group member. Some details elided in the interests of brevity, click to links for more details.

Already happened: Linda Diane Feldt spoke at Crazy Wisdom about the liver. "The liver is the largest and most critical organ for detoxifying the blood, moving lymph, and processing food and storing nutrients. I'm in awe of how well it functions, and how much it does." About 18 people were at the event.

Friday night 1/24/13 is David Bloom and Friends playing lounge-jazz standards at Chelsea's "Back to the Roots" cafe, details on Facebook.

Thursday 1/31/13 2-8p at Burton Manor in Livonia is ACE '13, the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurs. Details on their web site; volunteer opportunities are available which I'm happy to help you track down if you're interested.

Saturday 2/16/13 10a-noon at Eastern Accents is the 4th Death Cafe, led by Merilynne Rush. Notes on the 3d meeting are here with contact info and more details.

Wednesday 2/27/13 from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Room is Dan Romanchik about how to self-publish e-books, based on his experience with writing books on amateur radio. Event details.

Thanks to everyone for coming!


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