what Android apps do you like?

I am on the lookout for recommended apps for exercise, menu planning, and writing. The keyboard on my new phone is small enough that it is a challenge to type as fast as I think.

4 thoughts on “what Android apps do you like?

  1. Eric Sinclair

    I’m pretty happy with the built-in keyboard, but for better predictive text (and now swiping behavior) its worth checking out SwiftKey as an alternative to Swype. It mines more of your information (e.g. email, twitter, SMS, etc) to build its predictive corpus. I’ve used it off and on with some happiness.

  2. Edward Vielmetti

    I am getting better at the predictive keyboard, though it is still way slower for me than touch typing. I’d play a typing tutor game if I found one that used the system keyboard so that I could test it out with real gameplay.


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