March 28, 2013 North Quad flood

North Quad at the U of Michigan had a flood today, causing classes to be cancelled and students to be evacuated from their rooms. There is no estimate of the damage at this time, but it’s extensive.

The University of Michigan School of Information has a flood information page with reschedule and relocate information for classes and talks.

All media inquires about the flooding should be directed to Kelly Cunningham in the UM Public Affairs Office:, 734-936-5190.


Photo by Heidi Skrzypek, UMSI staff

From the Michigan Daily “Flooding forces cancellation of classes in North Quad“:

According to Ken Campbell, North Quad’s maintenance mechanic, a broken joint pipe on the building’s fire suppression system was responsible for the flooding. The break occurred in the East Stairwell on the fourth floor of the building, he said. When the pipe lost pressure, the system automatically turned the water pump on to add pressure, exacerbating the flow from the three-inch pipe.

Campbell estimated that “thousands and thousands” of gallons poured from the pipe before it was turned off 20 minutes later.

From the Nearly 100 students displaced by flooding at University of Michigan’s North Quad

Jeff MacKie-Mason, dean of the U-M School of Information, sent an email to the school community stating that the The Ehrlicher Room in North Quad sustained major damage in the flooding.

“We will not be able to use it for some time, perhaps several months (the ceilings may need to be replaced, walls may need repair, the carpet and our extensive electronics equipment may need replacement),” MacKie-Mason wrote in the email.

From the Ann Arbor Chronicle: nothing.

From the Ann Arbor Journal: nothing.

2 of of 4 isn’t bad.


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