Fool Moon photos from 2013

There are lots of Fool Moon photos from 2013 online; I'll note them here as I find collections. But I thought I'd add my own in to start of this cat/bunny/Peep.

Some collections:

Moon Unit Face Pong.  "A video booth projected faces into a moon from green screen onto a building in real-time, while Fool Mooners play pong with the faces using wii-motes."

Myra Klarman: FoolMoon 2013. "It was great to see so many veteran and first-time Fools participating in FoolMoon 2013. Their energy was amazing — enthusiastic, creative, welcoming, friendly, and, as always, totally Foolish! Also, the weather more than cooperated, which isn’t something we in Ann Arbor take for granted. "

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FoolMoon 2011 luminary parade map, April 1, 2011; gather at 7:45 p.m., procession starts at 8:15 p.m.

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