Writing release notes for a new version of my Michigan FOIA book, using Leanpub

The book is my No-Nonsense Guide to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which I'm publishing (early) and updating (as its written) using Leanpub. Here's what I sent out to subscribers – all four of them! – this morning.

I'm happy to have a chance to keep working on this, since even the smallest amount of money from new sales covers the direct costs  of coffee to do the writing.

Release Notes

April 9, 2013.

This release updates the first 7 chapters of the book plus the introduction. Most of the changes are to fill in gaps, small reorganizations of the text, and line edits; there's not a ton of new original materials. Chapters 8 through to the end are unchanged.

One of the things that's new in the Michigan FOIA world is that Muckrock (Appendix A) now supports FOIA requests to a number of Ann Arbor cities. My first trial with this worked a little bit well, and I'm going to keep trying to improve how that system works so that I get the best writeup of it.

A document trove from a recent FOIA request is a log of all FOIA requests to the City of Ann Arbor over the span of two months. Look for a future set of edits to expand the "sample requests" considerably based on that collection, since I'm still digesting them.

If anyone has tried the "send to Kindle" feature, let me know how it went.

As always, if you have any questions, contact me at edward.vielmetti@gmail.com or +1 734 330 2465.



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