Pick garlic mustard for Earth Day, Monday April 22, 2013

Every year on Earth Day I do a ritual weeding of our back yard garden and pick whatever garlic mustard I can find. We've been thinning out the garlic mustard every year for years and so it's mostly in check but it's always worth pulling a few more plants.

Aside from putting the garlic mustard in the municipal compost – not your own compost – there's always a temptation to eat at least some of what gets pulled. The challenge is making sure that you cook the garlic mustard so that the yucky compounds that make it indigestable get cooked out. Even though the leaves are so tender that you don't really need to cook them very much, it's recommended to cook garlic mustard in two changes of water to leach out the bad parts.

The Three Foragers have a recipe for "Garlic Mustard Roulade" which looks mighty fancy, but they also have good suggestions for handling this spring green. As they note, "Garlic mustard might not be for everyone, but it is nutritious, highly invasive and easily gathered in quantity." 

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