“On Wine Bullshit” from the Journal of Wine Economics

Richard E. Quandt takes on descriptive adjectives for wines in his essay "On Wine Bullshit".

We did one other thing. We arranged all the attributes in alphabetical order, and then
used a random number generator to select (without replacement) either 10 or 15 attributes
from among them and then replicated this experiment a number of times. Here are the
results for one particular replication of the experiment for truly hypothetical wines.

Château La Merde, 1995. Packed and tight, with oily, smoked game and petrol, yet
with refined fruit, a hint of black fruit and olive flavors and aromas, and supported
by meaty fruit, undergrowth and lush tannins running through the lengthy finish.
Best from 2007 through 2025, Inky, with olive-tinged black currants, blackberries,
tobacco and delicious vegetable flavors.

There's more good writing about wine and economics in the Journal of Wine Economics, published by Cambridge University Press.

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